CNTs-Supercapacitors: A Review of Electrode Nanocomposites Based on CNTs, Graphene, Metals, and Polymers

Evaluating structural, morphological, and multifractal aspects of n-ZnO/p-ZnO homojunctions and n-ZnO/p-NiO heterojunctions

Electrical and structural properties of heterojunction AZO, NZO and NiO thin films

Advanced nano-texture, optical bandgap, and Urbach energy analysis of NiO/Si heterojunctions

Co2CrAl Heuslerene: Mechanical, Thermodynamic and Electronic Properties

Carbon nanotubes/polyaniline as hydrogen gas sensor: Optical bandgap, micro-morphology, and skin depth studies

Nanoscale 3D Spatial Analysis of Zirconia Disc Surfaces Subjected to Different Laser Treatments

ZnO, Cu-doped ZnO, Al-doped ZnO and Cu-Al doped ZnO thin films: Advanced micro-morphology, crystalline structures and optical properties

Percolative, Multifractal, and Symmetry Properties of the Surface at Nanoscale of Cu-Ni Bimetallic Thin Films Deposited by RF-PECVD